Dweller West – California Part 2

There are many interesting elements and layers to the interior detailing of this Sea Ranch home renovation by Dweller West. The digital draft of this home’s interior shows very clean modern lines and open space, but …

what this image doesn’t show is the detail within. For instance, notice the petrified redwood embedded into the colored concrete kitchen counter top.

As I was exploring the interior of this unique house I noticed part of an engine carburetor placed in the concrete hearth of the fireplace. You can see the outline of the carburetor on the top of the hearth. By wedging these kinds of unusual elements around the interior of the house, it has a tendency to spark conversations with guests. You might even ask what’s the brand of carburetor? What’s the reason? Is there a statement that is being made about engine components? materials? design?

One thing for sure is that there is a story that is set in stone when you are talking about the interior trim detailing in this project.

[rockyou id=158101458&w=426&h=320]

Give Dweller West a call today and discuss with them how they can turn your house into a home.

1913 East 17th Street
Suite 203
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Fax 714-664-8913


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One response to “Dweller West – California Part 2

  1. Jeremy

    This remodel looks truly awesome. I love the combination of aesthetic styles: sea ranch with modernist minimalism. It all feel to me as if the remodel (inside & out) came organically out of the elements. Thanks, jerkaye

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